April 27, 2009

Frank and Ava: 'Doomed from the start'

. . . partly because Ava was one messed up lady, and partly because Sinatra was already married.

I try to focus on his music and not his life, but I couldn't let this pass by.

Big Hollywood: Frank Sinatra and Ava Gardner Shoot Out the Night by Robert J. Avrech

Ava downed more liquor, squinted down the barrel of the Smith & Wesson and fired into the window of a hardware store.
Ava shot the chambers empty and continued to shriek the rebel yell.
That dame was poison. He was a fool to want her.

Sinatra with his wife, Nancy Barbato Sinatra. She never remarried.

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  1. Maybe he was a fool to want her, but when you i hear Angel Eyes, you realize how deep those feelings ran. For the rest of her life he sent her flowers on her birthday and their wedding anniversary. When she was sick and dying, he paid her medicals bills and I 've heard he paid for the funeral. Be at peace, Frank. I hope you and Ava are together again.


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