May 22, 2011

Feel-good story

For a change, an inspiring human-interest story from the Washington Post:

In February 1988, a ceiling fan fell on [Su] Meck’s head. The blow erased her memory, and she awoke after a week in a coma with the mental capacity of a young child. She no longer knew her husband or her two baby sons. She barely spoke and could not read or write, walk or eat, dress or drive.

“It was Su 2.0,” said Jim Meck, her husband, a systems engineer. “She had rebooted.”  [. . .]

An MRI exam showed her brain suffused with cracks, “like shaken Jell-O,” her husband was told. The injury left her with complete retrograde amnesia, the inability to remember the past, a condition sometimes called Hollywood amnesia because it seldom happens outside the movies.

“It was literally like she had died,” Jim said. “Her personality was gone.”
But apparently the original Su knew how to pick 'em. Something wonderful, not stressed by Post writer Daniel de Vise, is the way Jim Meck stuck with his wife through it all. In this era of disposable relationships and casual betrayal, his loyalty is worth noting. Read the whole thing.

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  1. How on earth could the reporter focus on her "rebelliousness" and not equally on her husband and general family support? The answer is -- the Washington Post which would never be caught dead celebrating someone as apple pie as a good husband. If the husband had been whacked by that fan, I bet we'd have read a heroic tale of one wife's support against all odds.

  2. Yes, I thought a huge chunk of the story was omitted. The emphasis was on the graduation, which was certainly an enormous accomplishment for someone who had to relearn everything from scratch.

    But with all the stories out there about rotten husbands and predatory men, it would have been nice, even instructive, to look more closely at this regular guy who rose so heroically to the occasion.


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