February 16, 2012

Obama's Catholics rake it in

George Neumayr gets curious and digs deeper into the CHA's Sr. Carol Keehan and The Little Sisters of Limousine Liberalism:

According to the form, base compensation for "Daughters of Charity for Sr. Keehan" in 2009 was $682,982. "Bonus and incentive compensation" was $136,000. "Other reportable compensation" -- which is the (B)(iii) to which the caveat refers -- was $131,888. Nontaxable benefits were $11,597. All this adds up to salary and benefits totaling $962,467.

Presumably, her 2011 salary and benefits will exceed $1 million, if the past is any measure. (Her 2009 salary and benefits fell in the $850,000 range.)

It turns out that left-wing "Catholic Social Justice" is a good career move. Sister Talone, to which the caveat refers above, pulls down for the Sisters of Mercy "$416,623" in total compensation, while Fr. Nairn's order, the Franciscan Friars, snatched $194,947.

Who knew that lobbying for the corporal works of mercy paid so well? Of course, the dirty little secret of secularized "non-profit" Catholic hospitals is that they rake in enormous profits. Hence, some of its executives garner salaries/benefits north of $9 million. Obamacare will release another avalanche of federal government cash with which to feather their nests.

"For where your treasure is, your heart will be also," said Jesus Christ. A pedestrian reduction of the Son of God's saying is: Follow the money.

But say this at least for Sister Obamacare: she displays gumption that the waffling U.S. bishops lack. She still wears the pants in the clerical family.
Read the rest. And take care not to confuse Sr. Keehan and her pant-suited ilk with other religious women who live their faith and do real good, like The Little Sisters of the Poor, who have made it their mission to care for the elderly poor. They don't do anything else. (And they don't wear pants.)

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