March 15, 2012

War on newborns

Andrew Ferguson responds to last month's article by bioethicists Alberto Giubilini and Francesca Minerva arguing for "after-birth abortions." (I'd link to the article but it's not there anymore.) Ferguson argues that, in revealing themselves, the authors have performed a public service:

They get you coming and going, these guys. They assume​—​and they won’t get much argument from their peers in the profession​—​that “mentally impaired” infants are eligible for elimination because they will never develop the properties necessary to be fully human. Then they discuss Treacher-Collins syndrome, which causes facial deformities and respiratory ailments but no mental impairment. Kids with TCS are “fully aware of their condition, of being different from other people and of all the problems their pathology entails,” and are therefore, to spare them a life of such unpleasant awareness, eligible for elimination too​—​because they are not mentally impaired. The threshold to this “right to life” just gets higher and higher, the more you think about it. [. . .]

And now we know the pro-choice position is that children born with a facial deformity should be executed too, as long as you get to them quick enough. Unwittingly the insouciant authors of “After-birth Abortion” have shown where pro-choicers wind up if they follow their belief about fetuses to its logical end.
Read the whole thing.

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  1. Once we convince people to excuse the destruction of the innocent, we eliminate their ability to object to the destruction of anyone. The rest is just semantics to make those who still have some scruples, less squeamish.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I suppose I should consider myself lucky that these people were not around when my little man made his way into the world. Is he safe not that he is almost 7? Have they given an age where this is cut off?

  4. The original article now removed did not.


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