May 19, 2012

Music break: I Don't Know Enough About You

By Peggy Lee & Dave Barbour

Love her in those glasses.

Diana Krall, live in Rio:

You can watch that entire concert on Netflix. Enjoy!

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  1. Love the Peggy Lee clip. Her voice amazes me too. Didn't recognize the guitar guy and I am a guitar guy! My education is far from complete....

  2. I think that's her first husband, Dave Barbour, who wrote the music for the song.

    "In March 1943 Lee married Dave Barbour, a guitarist in Goodman's band. Peggy said, "David joined Benny's band and there was a ruling that no one should fraternize with the girl singer. But I fell in love with David the first time I heard him play, and so I married him. Benny then fired David, so I quit, too. Benny and I made up, although David didn't play with him anymore. Benny stuck to his rule. I think that's not too bad a rule, but you can't help falling in love with somebody."

    When Lee and Barbour left the band, the idea was that he would work in the studios and she would keep house and raise their daughter, Nicki. But she drifted back to songwriting and occasional recording sessions for the fledgling Capitol Records in 1947, for whom she produced a long string of hits, many of them with lyrics and music by Lee and Barbour, including "I Don't Know Enough About You" and "It's a Good Day" (1948). With the release of the US #1-selling record of 1948, "Mañana", her "retirement" was over."


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