September 10, 2012

Morning music: You're the Cream in my Coffee

Good morning. It's not my habit to start Monday off with a music video but since, thanks to Gary Taubes, I've been putting real cream in my morning tea, this song has been in my head. Here's a great rendition by Nat King Cole:

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  1. I highly recommend getting your cream from a small, local farm -- and ideally, it will be raw cream. Once you try it, you'll never touch that other (ahem) "stuff" again! Enjoy!

    --Fat Freak (Who Isn't)

  2. Raw milk is illegal in my state.

  3. That stinks. We "converted" a little over a year ago and will never go back.

    LOVE your blog.

    --Fat-freak-who-isn't ;)


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