October 7, 2012

Music break: Autumn Leaves

Music time. A video of Frank S. singing That's Life would tie in to Steyn's great (as usual) weekend column but it happens to be one of my least-favorite Sinatra songs. So I'll go with something seasonal. You can't go far wrong with Johnny Mercer.

This is very nice, too:

Another guitar version I'd embed if I could but I can't is this gem by Chet Atkins.

See also Willie Nelson's classic version. (Try to ignore the misspelling of "autumn." Unless it's a live version, I usually post the videos for the audio only.)

Frank's serious version is here, silly version here:

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  1. Loved these music clips - a big smile to ease the tension of the times!

  2. Nat King Cole was wonderful. Didn't he host a hit TV show for a couple years in the early '50s? You should put him in your store, Jill. (If you need to make room, deep-six the Beatles!)

    Speaking of your store, I really enjoyed the SWORD OF HONOUR trilogy. I guess I picked up the wrong book when I first looked at Waugh - he's not all snark.

    And my twenty-something niece really enjoyed that Jane Austen Happily Ever After book your friend Elizabeth Kantor wrote. Thanks!

  3. Glad you both enjoyed the music.

    I have added some NKC. (But I've hung on to my Beatles, for sentimental reasons.)

  4. Duke Ellington did a quite nice version of this song, as did Coltrane.


    (Err, the post title doesn't really have much to do with Hitler)


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