December 25, 2012

Johnny Cash: Away in a Manger

Merry Christmas!

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  1. Nice touch in the true spirit of Christmas.
    I met Johnny back in the 60's while stationed at Naha Air Base, Okinawa. He put on an excellent show at the NCO club...but more than that, he stayed on an extra 45 minutes or so because he had nowhere else to go. After performing at each of the other main military bases north of us he asked the audience if was OK if he stayed around for a few more songs because this was his last stop on his schedule.
    It was during this performance that we first heard his upcoming release called, "A Boy Named Sue". There was two versions and he wanted an audience reaction before the final release. Obviously you know which song made the final cut...the other version was a bit bloody as I re-call.
    I was to see him again some years later on a stop through Nashville on my way to Vietnam, it was during a taping of his guests for his weekly TV show (guest performers were taped separately from his...a two night recording session).
    When Johnny left us some years ago I felt that I lost a friend...I actually talked to him (his spirit) on my commute to work that morning as I recalled many of my favorites, That Old Ragged Flag, Sunday Morning Coming Down,So Doggone Lonesome...and many more.


  2. Beautiful, and I think he really believed in Jesus. Thank you!


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