January 12, 2013

Rex Trailer, RIP

Back when there were only three channels we New England kids watched Rex Trailer's Boomtown every Saturday and Sunday morning. 

How much has the world changed in fifty years? This much:

You had to be there. Read Rex Trailer's obituary here.

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  1. > Back when there were only three channels

    4, 5, and 7. (And of course Channel 2.)

    It was a big deal when they added "UHF" (38 and 56).

    Happy trails, Rex.


  2. Yup, but they were hard to tune in sometimes. Boomtown began the year I was born and ended the year I graduated from high school. The world changed a lot in those 18 years, huh?

  3. Same years for me (!) but I only got to see Boomtown when we were visiting my grandparents, and the year we lived in MA (first grade). I loved the show -- I even got to go to a school fair where Rex Trailer and his horse (whose name I have unaccountably forgotten) performed -- and I think there is still a picture buried somewhere of me on the horse. That was a day well spent.

    Thanks for honoring such a positive influence of my youth.

  4. :-) The horse's name was Goldrush. (I couldn't think of it either.)


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