December 3, 2013

About that Obamacare fix

From the Washington Post:

The enrollment records for a significant portion of the Americans who have chosen health plans through the online federal insurance marketplace contain errors — generated by the computer system — that mean they might not get the coverage they’re expecting next month.

The errors cumulatively have affected roughly one-third of the people who have signed up for health plans since Oct. 1, according to two government and health-care industry officials. The White House disputed the figure but declined to provide its own.

The mistakes include failure to notify insurers about new customers, duplicate enrollments or cancellation notices for the same person, incorrect information about family members, and mistakes involving federal subsidies. 
Emphasis added. Bonus: Expert: Security Risks Even Worse After ‘Fix’

Bonus bonus from ABC News: New Obamacare Headache: Is Your Enrollment Real?

Hat tips to Hot Air and Jim Geraghty.

One more, from the AP:
Behind the scenes, the administration is furiously trying to rectify an unresolved issue with enrollment data that could become a significant headache after the first of the year. Insurers say much of the enrollment data they're receiving is practically useless, meaning some consumers might not be able to get access to benefits on Jan. 1, the date their coverage is scheduled to take effect.
My emphasis. Funny no one has yet been held accountable for this fiasco.

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  1. I have an opinion that much of the two thousand pages wasted on this bill and eventual law....were written by people who have no idea about how health insurance functions, how the business world worked with the idea, or how regular people live their lives. Yes, the best description would be a thesis paper written by three guys at Harvard twenty years ago, and they've used the thesis that they got high marks their template for healthcare 2013. The reason for this humble opinion? There's just not a single person who will stand up in the administration and explain the functionality of the package, from A to Z.


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