April 1, 2015

#75: A train song

This is kind of a humble little song written by Johnny Mercer and Jimmy Van Heusen in 1939 about a guy on a train thinking about the girl he's left behind. In 1956 Frank and Nelson applied their talents to it and created this jewel:

Go ahead and listen again. It grows on you.

When I started listening to Sinatra about 10 years ago most of the music was new to me, and all of it was new to my children. It was playing more or less non-stop in the kitchen and they responded by making wisecracks about the lyrics. After Franks asks, "And what did I do?"  they said things like, "I'm sure he's going to tell us," or "Probably the same thing he did the first fifty times we heard this." Ah, well. Youth is wasted on the the young and all that.

This is my third Johnny Mercer entry, fifth from Jimmy Van Heusen, and fourth track from SFSL. There will be many more to come from all three.

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