June 27, 2015

#50: A man and his music and his imaginary dice

Fanfare, please. I've made it all the way to #50. "Luck Be A Lady" was written by Frank Loesser and arranged by Billy May.

If you don't own the Man and His Music videos, you're missing some primo Sinatra performances. After ten years and many viewings, I'm still in love with this one, from the way Frank mugs it up to the dice blowing-and-throwing to the dancing around between choruses. And, oh yeah, the singing. Frank and the band combine for a tour de force:

Ain't that perfection? The song wasn't written for Sinatra but he surely owns it now.

That's from A Man and His Music Part II from 1966.

Purely by coincidence, this song is also Bob Belvedere's #50. I'm thinking Mark Steyn will cover it as well so I'll update with a link and quotes if he does.


Mark Steyn at #43 has one of the very best, Cole Porter's "I Concentrate On You." More on that sometime in the fall. Ms. EBL features the beautiful "Time After Time," which means it's time for another plug for She & Him's Classics CD. Here's the duet:


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